Buccilli’s Pizza

Clare Farwell Houghton Lake West Branch

The Buccilli family was among the pioneers of the pizza industry in Michigan. The roots of Buccilli’s Pizza were established in the early 1950’s, in the Metropolitan Detroit area. Using an old family recipe, brothers Melio, Angelo, and Pasquali (Butsy) Buccilli, opened pizzerias in Madison Heights (Melio’s), Hazel Park (DeAngelo’s) and Clawson (Alvito’s). The popularity of the Buccilli brothers’ pizza soon became apparent when customers flocked to their restaurants.

The Sign of Quality Since 1972

It was 1951 when Melio hired his brother Butsy, who at the time was still in the construction business, to build Melio’s Heights Inn Pizzeria. After several months of planning, construction began, and in 1952 Melio’s was open for business at the corner of Eleven Mile Rd. & Stephenson Hwy in Madison Heights.